They say living is sharing; share and you’ll be sure to find passion, will-power, team-work, strength in numbers and much more. Also, it’s more rewarding facing challenges side-by-side, hand-in-hand.










 There’s nothing better than pushing each other to our limits and beyond, enjoying amazing days and incredible views. This is the spirit of the TACTIC family; this is why we design and produce customized athletic apparel for people like you. We offer customized products and service to provide you and your whole team with a unique experience. Only by combining efforts and making you and your needs our top priority are we able to provide you with all that you need to get the most out of your time spent doing what you’re passionate about, all while striving towards your goals. Because you want what we want: TACTIC. And because experience and excellence can be found in every last detail. Come share the experience with us!



From the very beginning, our garments were focused on the exacting needs of the competitive athlete, capable of performing in the most extreme climatic conditions.










When choosing TACTIC, you are choosing passion for cycling. This is because that’s just what we are; passionate cyclists obsessed with the idea of the possibility to truly enjoy our sport, always pushing ourselves and constantly researching so that each new product is innovative. This is also why we rely on the opinions and advice of both the expert professionals as well as the fans and amateurs who work side by side with us so that we are able to develop the materials and designs that help to improve performance and increase comfort. By sharing ideas and experiences with these people, we ensure our success and our true value. Our authentic BORN TO SHARE.